Data retrieval and processing

Foreign patent search and patent legal status search use the Derwent patent database in Thomson Innovation of Thomson Reuters. The main features of the database include: the introduction of the concept of patent family to avoid duplicate patents; each record is uniformly translated into English for easy reading and analysis; title He Digest has been re-indexed to expand the amount of information; it adopts the Derwent manual code classification system to connect with existing technology; it adopts a 4-digit organization code to clean the company name.

The Chinese patent search and legal status search use the Chinese and foreign patent databases of the State Intellectual Property Office. The main features of the database include: complete data, good indexing, fast update, and authoritative data.

This article combines multiple authoritative analysis tools in the world in terms of patent analysis and bibliometric tools, mainly including several.

Thomson Reuters Thomson Innovation
Thomson Innovation® is a world-renowned patent analysis platform developed by Thomson Reuters. It can not only complete one-dimensional and two-dimensional patent statistical analysis, but also realize the visualization of citation analysis and cluster analysis, leading many patents outside China. analyzing tool. In this report, the tool is used to collect foreign patent data and make topographic maps.

Dialog Innography
Innography is a patent search and analysis system jointly developed by Innography and Dialog in the United States. Compared with other patent analysis systems, Innography has obvious advantages in data processing. It not only integrates patent databases, but also integrates databases such as Dun & Bradstreet, US litigation, etc., enabling patent analysis The result is not only limited to the patent itself, but also considers commercial and legal factors. In this report, use this tool to make a matrix of corporate innovation capabilities and screen important patents.

Thomson Reuters Thomson Data Analyzer
Thomson Data Analyzer (TDA for short) is a text mining software with powerful analysis functions, which can conduct multi-angle data mining and visualized panoramic analysis of text data. Advanced users can compile script programs for automatically generating data import filters and reports, and carry out personalized analysis of patent or non-patent documents. In this report, this tool is used to complete most of the work of patent maps and bibliometrics.

Orbit is a platform developed by the French company Questel to provide global users with patent search and online intellectual property services. The platform has rich data sources, powerful search and analysis functions, and can generate more than 130 patent maps, including citation network analysis diagrams, self-citation and other-citation analysis diagrams, and technical concept analysis bubble diagrams. In this report, the tool is used to complete the cooperation map between patentees and inventors.

IncoPat completely collects more than 95 million basic patent data from 102 countries/organizations/regions around the world, and carries out special collection and processing of patent data from 22 major countries. IncoPat provides Chinese titles and abstracts of tens of millions of foreign patents, as well as English titles and abstracts of Chinese patents. It supports bilingual search and browsing of global patents in both Chinese and English. At the same time, it supports searching and browsing the original text of patents in small languages. It is an information barrier.

CNIPR is a Chinese patent information service platform, including patent data organized by more than 80 countries and regions including China, the United States, Europe, the United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, South Korea, Taiwan, Russia, and France. Provide search entries for patent application number, publication number, application date, publication date, name, abstract, sovereign item, applicant, inventor, address, national and provincial code, patent family, priority, full text of the specification, etc.

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